The 1963XX collection is a premium line from Canton Overalls, a Japanese denim brand with a rich heritage, widely credited with having produced the very first pair of jeans on Japanese shores.

There is only one machine in the world that is able to weave Canton's one of a kind, high-quality 'revival' XX denim and  is produced in their tie-up factory in Okayama. As a result of this, the lightweight 

unsanforized denim features a  highly unique tension and distinctive texture. This, accumulating with a series of meticulously thought of design features such as 'orifusenui' style stitching on the inseam, the 1963XX collection reflects the company’s original ethos whilst also catering for contemporary needs.


At its core, the 1963XX line reinvents the iconic denim classics whilst respecting traditional forms to create a range of superb jeans and jackets.